I'm a writer and editor with a focus on food, cooking, and cookbooks. Some of my professional skills include long- and shortform writing and editing, copywriting, branded content and marketing, information architecture, strategic planning, complex project management, and getting things done. Some of my personal skills include reading, collaboration, communication, bookshelf organization, meal planning, and getting things done. I cook dinner, eat at restaurants and fry shacks, and hardly ever photograph my food. I believe that a piece of toast is the foundation of a great meal, and that storytelling is essential to human connection. I live in Brooklyn, NY, and travel often.

In 2016 I launched Classics Cookbooks, an online cookbook store selling a limited and highly personal selection of used and vintage cookbooks.

I've written about food for Food52, Edible Manhattan and Edible Brooklyn, Genius.com, National Geographic, The Daily Beast, and Slow Food USA; worked with Mouth.comFood52Murray's Cheese, Everplans, Cookstr, and HarperCollins Publishers; and consulted for Clean Plates and Get Gone Traveler, among others.

I like to work on high energy projects with creative people. I like to solve problems, build new things, and improve things that already exist. I believe that old fashioned editing and quality writing have a place in the digital world, and that better communication improves our lives. I like for things to look nice and work well. If you do too, we should talk.

For more information or just to chat, email me at swhitmansalkin [at] gmail.